Industrial Maintenance and Automation


We have used IMA for 4 years. We have been extremely satisfied with their workmanship and their willingness to work with short lead times. We are also impressed with IMA and their lead staff offering time and cost-saving suggestions. I would highly recommend IMA.

Cody Automotive Machine Manufacturer

In the 27 years that I have known IMA and worked with them, they have always been honest and straight forward, and their business ethics are beyond reproach. IMA is extremely knowledgeable in NEC code and has taught me the code, which I must enforce at our location.

Richard Local Coating Company

Since 2011 I have been extremely pleased with the selection of IMA. We have (2) employees from their staff that we keep busy 5 days a week. This allows me to teach their employees all the areas in our plant and our policies and procedures as well. We have completed many major projects and improvements with their assistance. I have been very pleased with their safety practices, training, support and knowledge. They currently bill me weekly as to the staff I have on hand.

John Local Chemical Company

IMA is a customer of Alliance Bank & Trust. We have active loans including a business line of credit and several business deposit accounts. The bank and I hold them in the highest esteem. They manage and run their business at a high quality level and their personal affairs as well.

Dana Alliance Bank & Trust
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